Sally was awarded a first class honours in Law from Keele University, receiving the runner up prize in the Student of the Year Competition and various module prizes for the highest grades in her cohort. After training in accountancy, Sally returned to Keele in 2013 to embark on a PhD in her main interest area, land law.


Sally is currently teaching:

  • Contract Law 1
  • Land Law 2
  • Introduction to Legal Skills
  • Contract Law 2

Research project

Thesis Topic (Faculty Funded GTA Studentship): Easements, Covenants and Legal History

Sally’s thesis questions whether the current law of easements in England and Wales is sufficient in dealing with the demands of the 21st Century. The origins of the law relating to easements can be traced to Roman law, with many of the ancient principles constructed in that time still serving as the basis of current law. This has resulted in the law being outmoded, defective and manifestly unfit for contemporary purpose.

Prof. Michael Haley
Dr. Lara McMurtry

Keele experience

Sally completed her undergraduate law degree at Keele University. The experiences she had at the university, including the course, the teaching and the sense of community made Keele the natural university of choice to study for a PhD.

Sally sought to be supervised by Professor Michael Haley and Dr Lara McMurtry, who she had developed good relationships with during her undergraduate studies. The two lecturers had always given up their personal time to discuss interesting land issues with Sally – even though many of matters were not part of the land law course. In addition to Professor Haley’s and Dr McMurtry’s supervision, Sally has also benefited from the supervisory input and knowledge of Professor Ray Cocks.

Keele has a strong postgraduate community, with weekly coffee mornings and events held to ensure that students can interact with others in the same position as themselves. Sally thoroughly enjoys her life as a postgraduate, and is happy in the knowledge that she has the support of her supervisory team, the law school, and Keele University in writing her PhD thesis.