Ash is a teaching fellow in Public Law at Keele Law School. He graduated with LLB (hons) from Liverpool University and received an LLM in International Law from Leicester University.

Research and scholarship

Ash’s primary field of research sits within Public International Law where he analyses alternative means of climate protection that might be possible given the context of the sovereign state system of international law. He is also interested in the application of administrative law principles to UN institutions.


Undergraduate: Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Legal Skills; EU Law.

Postgraduate: International Environmental Law; Safeguarding Adults; Best Interests Assessor.

Further information

Ash’s primary research project examines the possibility of the UN Security Council engaging climate change through the activation of Article 39. Ash is seeking to identify threshold markers existing in UN Security Council practise and then apply them to the climate threat with the intention of pinpointing when an intervention might take place.

Research project

Thesis Topic (Faculty Funded GTA Studentship): Progressing and Strengthening International Environmental Law Through the UN Security Council.

The current strength of international environmental law has come under heavy scrutiny with regard to its ability to safeguard against environmental harm. Ash’s project is looking to engage with this debate by identifying ways to create a more robust system of governance that is capable of keeping pace with contemporary threats. By considering the role of the Security Council, and its historical engagement with the threat to the peace concept, Ash is seeking to identify a threshold of harm that will trigger the Security Council into action. The result being a robust, uniform set of internationally binding environmental laws.


Dr Mario Prost

Keele experience

Although not formally studying at Keele previously, it was a natural choice for me when searching for PhD opportunities. The strong reputation of the Law School and its developing focus on international law through the LLM programme was exactly the environment I was looking to find. This was further supported by the wider commitment of Keele to become a greener and more sustainable institution.

After discussions with Dr Prost about potential avenues of research it became clear that we both had interests in the project being proposed. Combined with shared curiosity for international law generally it was clear that the Dr Prost would be the perfect supervisor to support me with my research.

The supportive atmosphere emanating from the law school was the final draw. At interview I was nervous but soon realised the panel were there to tease out the inner subtleties of my project in order to ensure the school could support my research. Later, the friendly nature of the Law School team made me feel welcome both as part of the Law PGR community and as a member of the Public Law teaching team.