Felicity (Flick) graduated with an LLB Hons in Law and an LLM (Distinction) in Law and Society from Keele University. Flick received an internal doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistantship scholarship and embarked on her PhD studies at Keele in autumn 2018.

Flick continues her work as a Community Legal Companion as part of the nationwide CLOCK initiative; specialising in assisting sensitive and complex domestic and sexual violence related proceedings. She is trained in responding to the disclosure of sexual violence. (Savana, North Staffs)

Flick is a His Honour Jeremy McMullen QC scholar. She was 1 of 10 students in the UK to receive this scholarship in 2017 from The Honourable Society of Middle Temple.

Flick is a Co-editor and Social Media Officer of Under Construction Postgraduate Journal.



Research and scholarship

Working Title: Transcending Cisnormative Carceral State Logic: A Queer-Abolitionist Challenge to “Gender-Responsive” Penal Strategies and Technologies in England and Wales.

Keywords: Prison Abolition, Judicial decision-making, Gender fluidity, Carceral Feminism, Queer Legal methods, Ethnography and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA).

A Law PhD Project funded by a Keele University School of Law Graduate Teaching Assistant faculty scholarship.

My PhD Project challenges the rationale of “Gender-Responsive” penal strategies and technologies from a Queer perspective and I renew the case to adopt a Queer-abolitionist politic as an alternative to the carceral nation. In challenging current discourses centring on gender, womanhood, and punishment, I undertake a Foucauldian-informed Discourse Analysis of “Gender-Responsive” penal strategies and technologies at the micro-level. Simultaneously, I conduct a DA of the broader academic, political, and jurisprudential discourse at the macro-level to explore how transgender women’s identities challenge the rationale of these approaches.  In doing so, I aim to investigate how gender is both constituted by and constitutes “Gender Responsive” penal strategies at the micro-level and illuminate how these approaches threaten to deepen the marginalisation of incarcerated transgender women at the macro-level.

At the heart of this project is an abolitionist, anti-capitalist, and gender-fluid approach to facilitating justice in the transformative sense. My research is motivated by the increasing calls to develop the carceral nation through the utilisation of “Gender-Responsive” strategies in the UK, despite the portfolio of evidence demonstrating the detrimental and ineffective nature of imprisonment and punishment. My project seeks to explore the relationship between these calls for the expansion of the carceral state, specifically for those with Queer identities and the resurgence of exclusionary “feminist” approaches within the contemporary age.

My research interests include:

  • Queer and feminist analyses of imprisonment and law.
  • Marxist and Foucauldian analyses of power, law and society.
  • Abolitionist feminism and carceral feminism.
  • Anti-capitalism
  • Prison abolition.

Supervisory Team

Lead Supervisor: Dr Fabienne Emmerich (Law)

Co-supervisors: Dr Mary Corcoran (Criminology) SSPP
                             Dr Jane Krishnadas (Law)



Legal Skills

Legal Systems

Gender, Sexuality and the Law


Foundations in Law and Society Research: Theories and Concepts

Socio-legal Studies: Applications and Themes

Equality, Discrimination and Minorities

Flick contributes to a range of modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

She is happy to supervise undergraduate dissertations within the areas of prisons, incarceration, feminist/Queer theory and human rights.


Further information

Research and Teaching Interests

Flick’s research and teaching interests include the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and Queer experiences of incarceration; critical criminology, “Gender-Specific” penal strategies; feminist and Queer jurisprudence; governmentality; and biopolitics.

In 2019/2020 Flick will be convening the brand new Read and Resist! reading group as part of the Gender, Sexuality and Law Research Cluster. Open to all staff and students at Keele. Clink here for more information and the full reading list. Please join us!

Flick and Fabienne are convening a Prison Abolition reading and discussion group across Stoke-on-Trent with Transformative Futures. Open to all Keele staff, students, and within the wider community Click here for the full reading list. Sign up here.



Emmerich, F and Adams, F ‘Mapping the Manifestations of Exclusion: Challenging the Incarceration of Queer People’ in Dunne, P and Raj, S (eds) The Queer Outside in Law: Recognising LGBTIQ People in the United Kingdom (Palgrave, 2019). (Forthcoming)


Journal articles

Adams, F ‘From Homophony to Polyphony: Law and Music a Consonant Duet for Future Legal Thinking and Practice?’ [2019] Student Journal of Professional Practice


Book reviews

Adams, F ‘Feminism for the 99%: A Manifesto’ [2019] Feminist Legal Studies


Conference papers

Adams, F and Coyle, S, ‘Queering Asher’s Baking: Restoring the Pot of Gold to the End of the Rainbow (KISI Tackling Inequalities Conference, Keele, 2019)

Adams F, Painting the Walls Pink, White, and Blue: Challenging the Expansion of the Carceral Nation by Exploring the Relationship between “Gender-Responsivity”, Gender Critical Feminism and Carceral Feminism in the UK (Prison Abolition, Human Rights, and Penal Reform: From the Local to the Global, University of Texas, Austin, 2019)