50th Anniversary Professional Scholarships

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Posted on 13 August 2015

We are delighted to be able to announce that the 50th Anniversary Professional Scholarships have been awarded to students graduating in 2015. Keele University School of Law is committed to supporting academic excellence among its students. To this end, in 2012, we launched a Professional Scholarship scheme for high-achieving entrants. These schemes have been continued in subsequent years and are available for both 2015 and 2016 entrants. The schemes signal our intention not only to recruit excellent students, but to support them in sustaining their excellence and becoming high-quality graduates.

 In addition to up to £6000 p.a. during the course of degree, the eligible students will also receive a financial contribution towards the fees on a professional programme. Many of these students have already secured legal employment. Dominique Hibell and Jonathan Finney both have positions with Knights and Amy Brodie has just started work as a Legal Policy Advisor for the Ministry of Justice.


Dominique Hibell resize "I would have never imagined 3 years ago that I would be graduating with a First let alone as the Best Law Finalist and runner up of Student of the Year! It's been an amazing 3 years at Keele, I have developed and learned so much and my confidence has really grown as a result. I think Keele law school is amazing! I've never met such a supportive group of staff who have a genuine desire to see all their students do well and I have honestly loved every module I have taken during my time at Keele (I just wish I could have taken more!).  So I really want to thank you and everyone in the law school for contributing to what has truly been the best three years of my life. "

Dominique Hibell, 1st Class Honours

Trainee Shoosmiths (2016)

For 50 years, the School of Law at Keele University has produced excellent research and delivered high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.  The School’s ethos is characterised by an outward looking approach, international ambition and world-view.  Throughout our history, the School has produced research delivering world-leading impact and graduates who contribute significantly to their fields, from senior figures within the legal profession, to human rights activists, actors, entrepreneurs and professionals in health and social care.  For 50 years, the School and its graduates have made a difference.