‘Torts, Egalitarianism and Distributive Justice’ monograph of Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz published in Spanish.

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Posted on 21 April 2016

‘Torts, Egalitarianism and Distributive Justice’, the first monograph of Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz, has been published in Spanish by Marcial Pons as part of their Philosophy and Law series.

The book defends the inclusion of an egalitarian commitment to tort law against both corrective justice and economic analysis of law theories.

The English original has been used since 2013 on the course "Distributive Aspects of Tort Law", in the Masters in Tort Law of the University of Girona. Given the centrality of the book to the course’s curriculum, a translation of the book has been commissioned by Professors Diego Papayannis and Jordi Ferrer Beltrán, the series editor.