Yaar Dagan is to present at the INFOSOC Working Group on Friday 6 September

Yaar Dagan to speak at INFOSOC Working Group at the European University Institute in Florence on Friday 6 September


Yaar Dagan Peretz is presenting:

'How Easy Is It To Push the Red Button? Dehumanization, Settler Colonialism & Lethal Drones'. 

Virtual reality gaming and military simulators have recently reached new levels of hyper-realism. Simultaneously, unmanned lethal drones have made the experience of using lethal force much more simulator-like, minimizing the gap between killing a video-game-avatar and a real human being. Physically distant and psychologically detached, soldiers now lunch drone strikes from thousands of miles away, with little fear of self-harm or retribution. Powerful countries are now fulfilling the science-fiction fantasy of a risk-free-war, keeping dehumanized targets under complete control and constant surveillance. Is it a dream or humanity’s worst nightmare?

Various narratives and myths have been used to dehumanize the enemy and justify drone strikes, such as the so-called ‘war on terror’ and settler colonial narratives. Considering the harmful consequences of lethal drone strikes, can, and should, the international community act to restrain them? As five permanent Security Council members control the outcome of any suggested resolution, I will suggest an alternative source of inspiration: civil society movements and bottom-up approaches to international law.