Fabienne Emmerich to begin field work as part of Research Fellowship

Fabienne Emmerich

to begin field work in Germany as part of

Leverhulme Research Fellowship

As part of her Leverhulme Research Fellowship: “Swimming against the current: women, prison reform and resistance” (2019/2020), Fabienne Emmerich will be conducting fieldwork Germany. 

Fabienne plans to access the personal archive of Helga Einsele, a German criminologist, prison governor, reformer and activist of the left, as well as conduct interviews with social workers and prison professionals, who worked with Helga Einsele. Helga Einsele introduced progressive reforms, including the first mother-child unit in Germany, in her time as prison governor of Frankfurt women's prison 1947-1975.

Fabienne has been invited to join the Institute of Social Pedagogy and Adult Education at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt as a Visiting Researcher. She will be in Frankfurt from August to December 2019. Her project will be supported by Prof. Dr. Helga Cremer-Schäfer, and Prof. Dr. Sabine Andresen.