School of Law hosted the Regional Heat of the National Client Interviewing Competition

On 9 February 2019 Keele School of Law hosted the Northern Regional Heat of the National Client Interviewing Competition.

Keele School of Law participates in this event on an annual basis, and this year the winners from the internal competition, final year students Nabeel and Jack took part hoping to earn a place in the final. Competitors from 14 Law Schools across the Northern and Midlands region competed across the day. All participating students were assessed on their advice and support of a “client” in a stimulated law office by judges from the legal community in Staffordshire and visiting legal academics.

“It is vital that students take part in as many opportunities as possible whilst completing their law degrees. Law is a competitive industry and the ability to demonstrate your commitment to the profession at the academic stage of training is increasingly an expectation held by employers.”

Adam Mayer, Commercial Property Lawyer, Nowell Meller Solicitors

Client Interviewing Competition 2019 Visiting Judge

For more information on Client Interviewing Competitions at Keele, please click here.