Dr Joyce Bell talk on 21st June - “Race & Revolt at Work: Black Lawyers & the US Black Power Movement”

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Posted on 05 June 2017
The School of Law invites you to a talk by Dr. Joyce Bell, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota, on Wednesday 21st June.
The event will be held in the in the Moot room, CBC2. 028at 2 pm.
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“Race & Revolt at Work: Black Lawyers & the US Black Power Movement” 
"How do black professionals interact with social movements? Dr. Bell will be presenting her work on the relationship between black social workers and black lawyers during the US Black Power movement. While the movement is usually associated with the Black Panther Party and their most radical tactics, Bell makes the case that the movement also inspired and emboldened a whole generation of black professionals to align with black radicalism and struggle for changes within their professions. Even though black professionals' involvement in the movement is generally left out of the movement's story, this generation also used their professional positions to further the goals of Black Power. In this talk, Bell will detail this relationship and use the phenomena to illustrate the long lasting impact of the Black Power movement."
Dr Joyce Bell is the Don A. Martindale Associate Professor of Sociology (2016-2019) and her research agenda deals with race, work & organizations, and social movements. Dr Joyce Bell's first line of work—in the area of race, social movements, and the professions—is primarily concerned with how resistance to racism shapes the professions. Her first book, Black Power Professionals: The Black Power Movement and American Social Work (2014, Columbia University Press) details the impact of the Black Power movement on the profession of social work. Her second research area is concerned with diversity as a racial project. She is interested in how the notion of diversity works as a tool to co-opt progressive racial policy, movements, and discourse. In this area Dr Joyce Bell researches the role of diversity discourse in institutions, higher education policy, and in the law.