Professor Louise Bernier as Guest speaker on 14th June 2016

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Posted on 04 May 2016
Visiting speaker,  Professor Louise Bernier from University of Sherbrooke will present on 14th June 2016 in  CBC2.001:
'Higher Court’s minimalist approach : a questionable avenue when adjudicating health related patents'
Louise Bernier is professor in the Law Faculty of the University of Sherbrooke since 2006.

Professor Bernier argued in October 2006 a doctoral thesis on benefit sharing and access to new medical and genetic technologies in third world countries with a reworked version published by Edward Elgar Publishing during 2009. in addition to teaching in Sherbrooke since 2006, she offered lessons in the Faculty of medicine at McGill University, Faculty of law, University of Nairobi, and the MRC Human Genetic Unit in Scotland. Throughout her academic career, she worked in various Canadian and foreign organizations in the health-related issues, human genetics, biodiversity, biotechnology, intellectual property and human rights and was a recipient numerous awards and scholarships, including a SSHRC doctoral fellowship and a practice environment fellowship FCAR for collaboration with the biotechnology research Institute of the National research Council.

In May, she received funding from $ 40,500 for three years FQRSC for the research project: "The Canadian patent system and access to new technologies in the medical field in Canada: governance issues." She is also co-investigator member of NE3LS interdisciplinary research group (Nanotechnology, ethics, environment, economy, law and society) of Sherbrooke University who holds a CIHR grant importance. In addition to its research projects, Professor Bernier is also regularly called upon to communications in its areas of expertise in Canada and abroad.