Liability v Innovation: Unpacking Key Connections

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Posted on 12 April 2016

Liability v Innovation: Unpacking Key Connections

Seminar 2: Does liability stifle innovation? Economic models and anecdotal findings

Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz and Alicia El Haj (ISTM) (Moderators)

The Old Library, Keele Hall, 18 April 2016, 9.30-5.30

This free seminar on the tension between liability and innovation in medicine has four related aims. First, to learn from anecdotal evidence brought forward by regenerative medicine and other clinicians and researchers suggesting that the problem exists. Second, to examine conflicting findings in the literature of whether liability stifles innovation or not. Third, to explore, mainly from a health economics perspective, the methodological difficulties involved in defining and measuring levels of innovation. Finally, to scrutinise assumptions, methodologies and findings on the effect of changes in malpractice liability rules on level of innovation.

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