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Keele Law Society is for all students interested in a career in law, studying any law module at undergraduate level or interested in the law in general.

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Events and opportunities are planned throughout the year including socials, networking events and the prestigious legal professionals dining event!

Feel free to ask any questions you may have and share anything interesting you come across.

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2020 / 21 Committee members:

Hello. I’m Mark, president of the law society and third-year law student from the Isle of Man where I aim to qualify and practice as an advocate. I can often be found in the Students Union running events or, more realistically, in a corner of the law library.

Our society and the university are heading into somewhat uncertain times come September and as a society it is our responsibility to support students where possible. My main aim as president is to better improve social events for members and crucially make you feel that the £7 membership you pay is value for money.

As President, I will be working with the law school to not only better and improve the student experience but diversify and grow the events and experiences that students can take advantage of. I am looking forward to the next year, working with a great committee to make our society even more successful.

Hi, I'm Connor Ogdon, Vice President of the Law Society and a third-year law student. Within Law I often spend my time helping the CLOCK initiative, however outside of law I am an avid skier. In the future I'm looking to become a barrister, and so part of my role will be helping any students also aiming for this.

Whilst assisting the President in his role, the majority of my efforts will be to provide as many opportunities as possible for the Law Students of Keele. I will be working to assist students in creating connections with local or national firms, and organising events that provide advocacy experiences.

I'm Jack, a third-year law student and Secretary of the Law Society. My job is to make sure the Law Society runs as smoothly as possible; taking care of any administrative work, organising and minuting meetings, and helping to organise the events.

I aim to further the society's outstanding reputation, actively seeking to increase engagement with all members, hosting regular legal events, and expanding the society's connections with all branches of the legal profession.

I have previously been President of a large sports team within the AU, have mooted in both internal and external competitions, and are a legal companion with CLOCK. Outside of University, I spend most of my time working, playing sports, and socialising with friends. I plan on qualifying as a barrister after university.

My name is Dill and I am a 3rd year Law student. My role as the treasurer is to primarily manage the law societies budget and to take note of all the income and expenditure. My responsibility lies with working out the costs to be incurred for events, membership fees, etc.

During this year I plan to try and minimize any unnecessary expenditures with the aim of making events more affordable and more accessible to a wider range of students.

Aside from my studies I am the Athletics Union Events officer for the coming year and the University of Law representative for Keele.  After University, I hope to undertake my LPC and become a solicitor.

Hi, my name is Jack, I am a 2nd year law student and The Marketing and Communications Officer of the Law Society. Within the law society this year, I will have the responsibilities of designing posters and merchandise, as well as communicating information and events through our social media forums and accounts.

My objective for this year is to provide you with an answer to the question: “What does the Law Society do for me?” For members of other societies, their services and opportunities are clear. But we find that due to the diverse selection of events that the Law Society offers they are not always as obvious to identify than with other societies. Therefore, this year I want the Law Society to provide clearer communication on the diverse events and opportunities we have to offer to provide a more beneficial experience for its members.

Outside of my studies I enjoy recreational activities such as badminton and climbing. Participating in these sports has taught me the importance of determination, a quality that I believe will be crucial in my role as Marketing officer


Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a third year Law student and the educational events co-ordinator for barristers. I want to become a criminal law barrister and hope to study my BPC next year in Manchester.

My role in the law society is to organise events for aspiring barristers in order for them to gain more information of what life at the bar entails and networking opportunities. I hope to inspire more law students to think about a career at the bar and for them to gain vital experience though marshalling and mini-pupillages.

My plans for this year are to run more barrister related events including talks, mooting and chances to network. I plan to utilise Keele's alumni to bring in barristers from different chambers across the UK who specialise in different areas of law.


I am a 3rd year Law student with an interest in Intellectual Property stemming from my passion for music. This year I hope to work on the lack of social events in recent years in order to give Law students in all three years a better chance to get to know each other so that the course provides a healthy environment for both academic work and social life. If we can increase membership by running more events the money raised can be reinvested into academic opportunities in cooperation with both the Barrister and Solicitor events coordinators.

Hi, I am Elina the Welfare and Diversity Officer of the Law Society. I am a mature student from Greece and I’ve come to the UK to study law with politics. I am learning French which would count as my fifth language. Also, I am one of the certified Cultural Mediators of the European Asylum Support Office and I am looking forward to specialising in Refugee Law. 

This role is extremely close to my heart and my goal for this year is to raise awareness for diversity-related issues and ensure that all students feel supported and are provided with equal opportunities.

Hi, my name is Iqra and I’m a law student at keele. After my studies I aim to qualify as a solicitor, and I would like to specialise in business or commercial law.

I am the Solicitors Events Coordinator, and, in this role, I will organise events that will help students be more sure of what they want to do in the future and give them an understanding of what law is like. These events will help to enhance their skills that would help them develop a law career. I aim to work with the rest of the law committee on bigger events to ensure that everything is done perfectly.

Hi, my name is Lisa Mahachi. I am a third-year law student who is interested in criminal law and business management. After graduating I wish complete my LPC.

There are students who would still like to explore other career options during university.

I hope that through this role I will be able to reinforce the motivation of non-law students to undergo a career in the legal profession.

Keele Law Society Mission Statement - 2018/ 19


The Keele Law Society is imperative for Keele students, giving them a network and support system over the course of their degree. We are proud to be the largest society at Keele, boasting many events and opportunities for our members throughout the year.

Over the course of the coming year, there are many things, as President, I would like to achieve for the Law Society. The main aim is to further increase participation within the society and the events that we hold. Ensuring that the society is recognisable to all, giving students a sense of community and familiar faces throughout their degree. This is detrimental to our success as a society. Our committee is full of international and diverse students this year, and with this we will be putting our best efforts into increasing support and engagement for international students.

We will be working very closely with the Law School and the Careers Hub at Keele to ensure we are producing the best for our members. Alongside this, we will also be working with other societies to expand our reach and engage with other communities in the university.

I endeavour to reduce the price of our main legal events, through sponsorship and fundraising, making the events more accessible to everyone. I also strive to give the students more direction for their career paths, offering mentoring sessions, so they leave university with a better idea of where they are headed.


Charlotte Jones, President

Charlotte Jones - Keele Student Law Society President 2019 / 2020

Charlotte Jones - Keele Student Law Society President 2019 / 2020

"It has been an incredible yet challenging year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic I was not able to achieve everything I wished for, however, I hope that I have left an impression and assisted in making the Society even more successful going forward. I would like to thank my amazing committee, who made everything so much easier.
I wish Mark O'Connor the best of luck with the coming year, who I am sure will continue the successes!" 

Jessica Oldham - Keele Student Law Society President 2018/2019

Jessica Oldham - Keele Student Law Society President 2018/2019

“Keele Law Society has shaped my personal and professional development in more ways than I could have imagined, or hoped for. The support network that the Law Society provides enables students to enhance their future career prospects, whilst simultaneously building great friendships with fellow students.”