50th Anniversary - Get Involved!

It was wonderful to see so many of our alumni, friends and staff at the Gala Weekend to launch our year of 50th anniversary celebrations. We have curated a photo and video gallery for you to reminisce about the weekend's activities and for those of you that couldn’t make it, you can catch up on what you missed. There are many more events planned, so we hope to see as many of you as possible at those.

As part of the gala celebrations, we held a mooting competition. It was fantastic for our students to experience such a full audience. It was a full house. They did extremely well and deserve our congratulations.

To see the advocates of the future in action and to speak to so many of our alumni and hear your stories filled me with pride that Keele Law School, with the support of our alumni, continues to succeed in educating graduates not only for success in the legal profession, but the #KeeleDifference is the importance we bestow on equipping our graduates to set their aspirations high and to achieve their full potential in their life and career beyond Keele. Keele has excellent links with the legal profession, many supported by alumni like you, but at Keele we recognise that as a Keele Law graduate, you possess a unique flexibility of career choice, and we want to continue to ensure that our employability support for our students fosters that breadth.

We are grateful to those of you that already support us. If you would like to volunteer as a speaker, a mentor, by offering placements or work experience, or by supporting the Keele Law Student Support Fund we will ensure that all students are able to take up placement opportunities, regardless of their financial situation. Alternatively, simply tell us your story about your life and career that we can share with our students to guide them in navigating the breadth of choice that lies ahead. To register your interest in getting involved, please contact our Senior School Manager by email Sarah Lane or telephone (0)1782 733221.

For 50 years, the School of Law at Keele University has produced excellent research and delivered high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The School’s ethos is characterised by an outward looking approach, international ambition and world-view. Throughout our history, the School has produced research delivering world-leading impact and graduates who contribute significantly to their fields, from senior figures within the legal profession, to human rights activists, actors, entrepreneurs and professionals in health and social care. For 50 years, the School and its graduates have made a difference.

With best wishes

Alison Brammer

Head of Keele School of Law.

Alumni contributions enrich the School of Law and the experience of current students. Here are a range of ways that alumni are already contributing to the #KeeleDifference and information on how you can get involved: