Ahmer Aziz

Ahmer Aziz

Graduated from the School of Law in 2016. What attracted me to Keele were its extracurricular legal opportunities, and the chance to study abroad as part of a vast array of language electives. For me, this made Keele stand out from other universities which had offered me a place. 

Whilst I found studying law for the first time to be more trying than expected, the Keele law degree was more than just academics. Overall, my undergraduate study was thoroughly enriched through the plethora of activities that I thrust myself in to. 

These included work experience at No 5 Chambers, (secured from a School of Law Alumni networking event at a global law firm), CLOCK, mooting and client interviewing. I was also able to shadow the branch manager and personal bankers at the campus Santander, learning about interesting financial topics such as banking risk. All these different experiences were invaluable. At the time I had no employment history, and so these different opportunities significantly boosted my professional development. 

Additionally, as part of Spanish language electives, I had the privilege of studying in Madrid at the end of my first year. Keele will always have an edge over other universities if it continues to attract and support students with such a variety of great opportunities.

The professional skills I honed as a Keele student have helped me in my pursuit of attractive roles at big companies (i.e. Lloyds Banking Group and KPMG UK). I am thankful to Keele and the School of Law for assisting me in my career journey so far.


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