Mooting at Keele Law School

Opportunities to gain valuable experience in brief writing and oral advocacy are hard to come by for students.  Moot court competitions are a great way for students to sharpen their researching, writing and oral advocacy skills. Here at Keele Law School, students take part in a broad range of internal, national, and international mooting activities designed to prepare them for the world of legal practice.

Why Participate in Moot Court:

  • Hone your craft in research, writing, and advocacy
  • Learn to work with teams
  • Build self-confidence necessary to be a successful advocate
  • Learn to handle legal materials and put them to an effective use
  • Learn to work under considerable pressure and deliver within time constraints


Mooting is one of the most important extracurricular activities in many law schools. As employers in the field are looking for more than just a good law degree, students with mooting experience have considerable advantage over those without. Employers are aware that these students have spent at least a semester perfecting their craft in research, writing, and advocacy – skills viewed as extremely valuable in several practice and non-practice areas. Students with mooting experience include excerpts of their memorials as a writing sample for job interviews.


External mooting competitions are excellent sites for intellectual stimulation and professional inspiration. They provide students the opportunity to travel to national and international mooting competitions to hone their craft in research, writing and advocacy.

Some of the most prestigious mooting competitions bring together distinguished members of the bar, prominent legal academics, and outstanding students who will go on to become future leaders in their field. Students will have the opportunity to meet and network with individuals from a diverse range of legal practice and academic backgrounds.

Resources and FacilitiesMoot Style Layout

We have a range books at the Law Library on mooting and public speaking. Our Mooting Coordinator at the Law School liaises with a dedicated Staff at the library to identify and set aside specialized resources relevant to ongoing mooting competitions.

Our custom-built Moot Court offers our students invaluable opportunities to polish their advocacy skills. Our Moot Court is equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment.


Students celebrating after a mooting competition ....

mooting 2016