Street Law (Law in Action)

Street Law is a programme of legal and civic education in which law students deliver presentations to schools and community groups about their legal rights and responsibilities. It promotes personal and community awareness of everyday legal issues.

Street Law at Keele was initiated and developed by our law students who conducted a pilot project working with the local community partner Savana to question and raise awareness on issues of sexual violence in the University.

Out of this pilot grew our ‘Law in Action’ module, drawing on our close relations with a range of community based organisations working on social and legal issues such as homelessness, asylum seekers and refugees, domestic violence, police powers or welfare benefits. Law in Action students, by engaging with the module, become agents of change, both in their own personal journey of reflection upon the distinction of law in action and law in the class room, and by sharing their perspectives to create a wider awareness of the potential and limits of law.

‘The Law in Action module is different from other modules because it is empowering and facilitating. It empowers you to be a change-maker and facilitates your journey to becoming one. It has been one of my favourite modules due to the independence given to students and the opportunity to practically apply the law - something which other modules don’t offer!