Morgan Davison

morgan davison port 0715 I decided to get my MA at Keele after looking at schools around the world that had a Master's in Human Rights because I wanted a broader perspective for my Masters. After getting more information about the course at Keele and the Law school, I was very impressed. It was very appealing to me that I would have lecturers from multiple disciplines and topics spanning from law to politics to philosophy and beyond. When I found out that I would have the opportunity to spend a month in India, the decision was made.

My time as Keele far surpassed my expectations. My lectures and round tables were some of the most interesting discussions I have ever experienced. I was blown away by the knowledge and expertise of the lecturers and professors I was fortunate enough to hear from. Keele is such a beautiful campus and I loved my time living and studying there. I feel that Keele Law School prepared for my future in ways other school wouldn't have been able to. The fact that I had students in my course from probably 10 different countries was so enriching to my learning environment, especially on a human rights course. To be able to hear such different opinions and experiences was invaluable to me.


I was recently nominated to serve in the Peace Corps where I will live, learn, and work with a community overseas (most likely Sub-Saharan Africa) for 27 months, providing technical assistance in the area of health and HIV/AIDS. Without my experiences at Keele I know I would not feel prepared for this experience nor am I sure I would have even been nominated.

I have also co-founded an NGO with a friend of mine-the United States Africa Sports and Education Foundation (USASEF) that will use sports as a development tool in Africa. 

After the Peace Corps I would love to work for an organization in the field of international development or for someone that focuses on their work on women and children, such as an anti-trafficking organization. I would love to find a job in England. And it is all because of Keele!

Morgan Davison is now working as an Outreach Manager for the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.