Zak Morris

Zak Morris

Zak Morris – Graduated with a 1st in Law.

Current role: Recruitment Executive at Intouch Games Ltd

Since leaving Keele in 2018, I have moved into the recruitment industry, specialising first in IT before coming in-house at an egaming studio in Birmingham.

My time at Keele gave me many opportunities to advance soft skills such as communication and confidence, as well as an excellent education. I took part in various extra-curricular competitions including the internal mooting competition and the national Client Interviewing Competition. They gave me the opportunity to work under pressure, mimicking the working world.

Furthermore, Keele have the CLOCK programme, which meant I was able to volunteer at the Stoke-on-Trent Combined Court. Here, I met and helped real people on legal issues every week. This gave me a vital insight into the world outside of the Keele bubble and taught me how to engage with strangers for whom CLOCK provides important signposting, assistance and comfort during stressful times.

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities has been a major talking point in interviews and have proven to be a great source of examples for competency based questions (which are part of any interview). I would recommend taking part in as many opportunities as Keele gives you as they have definitely prepared me for my career so far, as will continue to help my development to come.