Client Interviewing at Keele Law School

Client Interviewing 2016 Client Interviewing  is a fantastic opportunity to practise and develop your questioning, analytical and presentation skills as prospective solicitors.

In our Client Interviewing Competition, students compete as pairs of solicitors interviewing a client, but that doesn't mean that it is only for people already planning to become solicitors.  Among other things, taking part is:

  • a good way of finding out what interacting with clients involves (something required in a wide range of careers);
  • a valuable addition to your CV, application forms and help you in interviews for work placements and jobs;
  • a way of discovering how the law works in practice as well as theory; and 
  • an opportunity to practise and develop some of the skills required for successfully completing assignments.

“It is vital that students take part in as many opportunities as possible whilst completing their law degrees.Law is a competitive industry and the ability to demonstrate your commitment to the profession at the academic stage of training is increasingly an expectation held by employers.

Keele law students are fortunate to be afforded a variety of opportunities to ensure that they are 'work place ready' and taking part in the annual client interviewing competition, in particular, enables students to develop their professional skill set in a truly safe yet realistic environment.

Having secured a place in the semi finals of the annual competition back in 2014, I know first hand how valuable participation is and how employers view such extra curricular engagement. I strongly urge all students to take part.”

Adam Mayer
Commercial Property Lawyer