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Welcome to the Keele University Skill Portfolio (KUSP) - a collection of reflections about your experiences at university. Students who complete this portfolio will receive an additional certificate of accreditation from the ILM, the UK's largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications. There is no charge for this programme.


In addition to the information provided below, please note that the KUSP is only available to students who enrolled on their course before August 2018. 


Intention to submit your KUSP form

You are required to complete the intention to submit form if you intend to complete your Keele University Skills Portfolio (KUSP).  To access the form click here 


The KUSP student guide

‌A student guide to the KUSP can be found here KUSP Student Guide 2017

KUSP Reading list

A reading list for the KUSP can be found here: KUSP Reading List  This will help you locate the relevant literature to support your reflections.

Deadlines for KUSP submission to gain ILM accreditation


Undergraduate (UG)

1st March (third year)

Postgraduate Taught (PGT) - full-time 

1st May (first year)  

Postgraduate Taught (PGT) - part-time

1st November (second year)

Postgraduate Research (PGR)


For example:

  • an undergraduate student commencing study in 2014 should submit their KUSP by 1st March 2017;
  • a full-time postgraduate taught student commencing study in 2014 should submit their KUSP by 1st May 2015; and
  • a part-time postgraduate taught student commencing study in 2014 should submit their KUSP by 1st November 2015.

Accessing the KUSP in PebblePad

The KUSP is located in PebblePad use this link to access PebblePad and supporting materials 

This link can be used to gain direct access to Pebblepad

Frequently asked questions

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I am required to write a reflective or professional portfolio as part of my course. Can I use those reflections as part of my Keele University Skills Portfolio?

You may not use entries as part of any programme requirements towards you Keele University Skills Portfolio. You must use the approved templates/assets on Pebblepad. You may, however, reflect on the same experiences.


Q: I am studying at foundation year / for an undergraduate certificate or diploma. Can I get the Keele University Skills Portfolio and accreditation?

The Keele University Skills Portfolio is a graduate level award. This means that you must exit Keele with an award that is equivalent to or higher than level 6 on the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ). This excludes all undergraduate diplomas and certificates, one day courses and foundation degrees. If you are still unsure then you should contact Student Records and Exams .


Q: I already completed a Keele University Skills Portfolio but I am now studying a new course. Can I get a second KUSP?

All students regardless of how many courses they complete can only ever be awarded the Keele University Skills Portfolio once.


Q; I have extenuating circumstances for my academic work. Do these apply to my Keele University Skills Portfolio work?

Extenuating circumstances only apply to your programme of study. As is the case for any other additional activity you decide to undertake whilst at Keele, e.g. volunteering, it is not possible to apply for extenuating circumstances for the Keele University Skills Portfolio. However if you feel that your circumstances are compelling discuss these with your personal tutor and if they are supportive then contact the Head of Curriculum Support and Development about a possible extension (


Q: Are there word counts for the Keele University Skills Portfolio?

Each reflection/asset, for example networking, should be a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 1500 words in length. This means that your final portfolio with all six entries will be a minimum of 2400 words and a maximum of 9000 words.


Q: Can I start my KUSP before the 1 March intention to submit deadline?

Yes, you may begin your KUSP as soon as you arrive at Keele and have access to your PebblePad account.


Q: What does accreditation from the ILM mean?

A KUSP is an ePortfolio comprising of 6 personal reflections. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have a commitment to your personal and professional development. The accreditation from the ILM (whilst not a formal qualification) should be thought of as a recommendation from the ILM in lieu of a personal reference for a job application. 

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