Due to staff changes in the near future KUDIS will be closing for business from January 2020.  All design work and printing will stop then but poster printing should remain easy to obtain, with other suppliers being available - PLEASE SEE HERE FOR A WORKFLOW ROUTINE.

We're operating with a lighter service during January (so we're still available to solve problems during the hand-over-of-business period), with full closure on January 31st 2020.

Also, may we express our very sincere thanks to all colleagues and other partners with whom we have worked since 2000 - we have truly valued your custom and your help, and we hope that the service you have received from us has always been found to be at the high standard expected from, and delivered, by Keele University.




We specialise in large-format printing of academic posters and if your requirement is for printing of small-format (up to A3) work, you would be best to use the “University laserprinters (for small numbers of sheets), or the Students’ Union Print Shop. Promotional documents that are likely to be used in an "Out-facing" situation, should be discussed with contacts in the Marketing department at Keele, as these need to comply with the branding guidelines currently in place, and would be printed via the University's current print-provider.

KUDIS has access to the University's Canon colour laser printers and we are able to produce low numbers of A4 and A3 sheets if needed urgently– we list small-format print within our pricing structure and this reflects the costs involved with the handling of the files.