Getting involved

The MobileEngaged project ultimately aims to identify a range of innovations being implemented across police forces, local authorities, road safety partnerships and by individuals throughout the UK concerning mobile phone use while driving. This will allow for the production of a compendium of innovations to be used as a resource for interested road safety and roads policing professionals, which can also act as basis for future research and evaluation activities.

In order to achieve the aims of the research project, it is essential that we find out about the innovations that currently exist in this field of road safety. We are therefore calling for all innovators involved in a method of addressing the issue of mobile phone use while driving (whatever that method may be), to get involved in the project.

If you are an innovator in this area, then you can firstly let us know about your work via our short survey. You will be asked to explain a little about the project you are involved in (for example its aims, ownership, start and end date, activity being pursued) and to provide your contact details for us to get back in touch with you to find out more if you are happy to do so. 


By completing this survey, your project will have the chance to be featured in our compendium. This compendium will be made available throughout the road safety and roads policing communities and we hope it will generate interest in your work and increased activity dedicated to tackling the issue of mobile phone use by drivers.

You can take part in this survey without any obligation to take part in any other element of the project. However, there are also additional ways that you can get involved. As well as contributing to the creation of a valuable resource, we will be offering participants the chance to meet with the academic team and to consider ways in which their project could be developed, enhanced, or evaluated. This would take place in the form of a knowledge-exchange consultation whereby a meeting between yourselves and the research team would be planned in order to discuss the innovation, any issues or challenges it faces, its evidence base, possible refinements to the design or approach, and plans for evaluation of the activity. This is an exciting opportunity for your project to be explored further by the research team and for a more detailed feature in the compendium to result. Please get in touch with the research team if you would like any more information.

If you are an academic or student interested in our work, please also contact the research team as they would be happy to assist you further and discuss how you could help with the project. Details of the research team and how to contact them can be found here.

As well as getting involved in these ways, you can follow our work on Twitter: @MobileEngaged #EngagedWithDrivingChange #MobileEngaged