Second International CASIC Summer School 07 June 2018 - 09 June 2018 Event times vary. New Vic Theatre and Keele University. Second International CASIC Summer School on Co-production and Community Engagement (7-9 June, 2018)   KMS Distinguished Professorial Address 28 February 2018 2pm DW0.29/DW0.30 (Un)assuming Leadership: A Worldly Perspective on Leadership Phenomena   The governance of UK national museums and art galleries: The anopticon assemblage and action at arm’s length 29 November 2017 1.30pm DW0.30 This study draws on the panopticon metaphor, popularised by Foucault (1991), to provide insights into how the government governs UK national museums and art galleries (MAGs) at a distance to influence their activities. Gary Crowe inaugural lecture   Professor Gary Crowe Inaugural Lecture 20 November 2017 6.15pm Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building '10 Years on from the Financial Meltdown, Rediscovering the Leadership Compass', A Practitioners Reflection Sophie Bessant 90x90   Accounting Group Seminar 01 November 2017 2pm DW0.30 With Dr Sophie Bessant, Keele University bonds   Professor Jim Steeley Inaugural Lecture 01 June 2017 18:15 Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building Gilty Secrets: The information hidden in the prices of UK government bonds KMS Distinguished Academic Seminar   Distinguished Academic Seminar with Prof. Grint, Warwick University 10 May 2017 2pm Darwin Lecture Theatre, Darwin Building 'Dirty Hands and Clean Heels: British Political Leadership from Brexit to Chilcot' Postgraduate Study Afternoon   Postgraduate Study Open Afternoon 26 April 2017 2pm to 4pm DW0.30, Darwin Building If you are interested in postgraduate study in a Management School renowned for satisfied and highly employable students. Dr. Ning Gao   Economics and Finance Research Seminar 22 February 2017 2pm DW0.29 With Dr. Ning Gao, University of Manchester Marx   Professor Adrian Palmer Inaugural Lecture 14 February 2017 18:15 Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building From Marx to Marketing   Need a time out? 19 October 2016 2.30pm to 3.30pm DW0.29, Darwin Building Catch up for KMS students and staff. Join us for a coffee (tea or hot chocolate).   North Staffordshire Community Food Network Workshop 12 July 2016 10-4pm New Vic Theatre, Eutruria Road, Newcastle-Under Lyme, ST5 0JG, You are warmly invited to 'Sustainable Staffordshire' a one-day workshop to discuss and plan a charter for local food. Suzanne Tietze   Professor Susanne Tietze Inaugural Lecture 08 June 2016 6pm Westminster Theatre, Chancellor's Building Multilingualism and Translation: at the heart of a global working environment   Masterclass with Keele Alumnus, Adam Konowe 21 April 2016 2pm to 3pm Walter Moberly WM0.01 Alumni masterclass for students with an interest in PR, Marketing, Advertising, Journalism or Media   Postgraduate Opportunities Event 13 April 2016 2pm to 4pm DW0.30, Darwin Building 'Drop-in' to KMS and talk to academic staff and students.   Management-Labour Relations and Productivity in the UK’s Fast Fashion Industry 17 February 2016 2pm, Lecture starts 2.30pm DW0.29, Darwin Building The Employment Policy and Equalities (EPE) Research Group seminar with Nik Hammer from Leicester University.   Participation, involvement and engagement - more than a question of semantics 17 February 2016 1pm to 2pm DW0.26, Darwin Building Culture, Organisation and Markets Research Group seminar with Dr Pamela Carter, Leicester University.   Distinguished Academic Seminar with Professor. Scapens, University of Manchester 17 February 2016 2pm to 4pm DW0.28, Darwin Building Seminar on 'Performance Measurement in Universities: Implications for the Relevance of Management (Accounting) Research'. Jane Broadbent   Distinguished Academic Seminar Programme 10 February 2016 2pm to 4pm Darwin Building, DW0.28 'A Gender Agenda'