Leverhulme workshop successfully held at Keele University

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Posted on 16 August 2017

Keele Management School (KMS) successfully held ‘The changing labour relations in globalised China’ workshop in Keele Hall last week, marking the successful completion of the Leverhulme International Network project ‘Collective wage determination and labour relations in globalised China’, led by PI Dr Xuebing Cao from KMS and participated by scholars from four universities in the UK and China.

This £105,000 project offers exceptional opportunities for colleagues from the two countries to examine the significant development of China’s labour relations in the context of globalisation and international integration. Over 35 international delegates attended the workshop, which was welcomed by Professor David Amigoni, Pro-Vice Chancellor on Research and Enterprise, and Professor Kurt Allman, Director of KMS. Professor William Bown, University of Cambridge, gave a keynote speech on ‘The emerging industrial relations of China’, with a range of speakers offering presentations on industrial relations, trade unions and dispute resolution. 

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The success of the project marks the strengthening international networks in the field of labour relations among a number of institutions and individuals. Thanks for the generous support of the Leverhulme Trust, the workshop provided a timely summary and conclusion of the research, and offered great opportunities for people who concern the Chinese labour issues to come together and discuss the project findings and beyond. The workshop attracted university scholars, postgraduate researchers, and government officials from both Britain and China such as SOAS London, ACAS, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. 

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Due to high demand, the workshop was extended to a second day, with a number of speakers presenting their research in a ‘Forum in Chinese labour’ held in Clause Moser Centre. Despite the intensive schedule and a lot of activities packed in the workshop, participants enjoyed the event and regarded as ‘one of the most successful seminars I ever attended’ (Andy Hodder, Birmingham University), and ‘inspirational and eye-opening’ (Dr Chen Ying, University of Bath). The accomplishment of the workshop strengthens the impact of this important project, consolidates Keele’s position as a major centre on industrial relations research, and reinforces Keele’s international collaboration with some of the strategic partners in Chinese universities.