Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) enable the transfer of knowledge between businesses and universities, colleges, or research organisations. They are Government funded and aim to strengthen the productivity, competitiveness, wealth creation and economic performance of the UK. They also enhance knowledge and skills within UK businesses and stimulate innovation through collaborative partnerships between businesses and the knowledge base.

Key objectives of KTPs are to:

  • promote business growth and improve competitiveness through knowledge transfer and innovation
  • increase the business relevance of academic research and teaching
  • develop graduates for management careers in business.

How do KTPs work?

  • your idea is discussed with a KTP specialist from Keele University
  • a joint application to the government to fund a Partnership is submitted 
  • a high-quality graduate is jointly recruited (known as the KTP Associate)
  • the Associate is employed by Keele University, but works full-time in the company
  • the Associate is supported by regular visits from a Keele University academic with expert knowledge of the project area
  • a joint management group ensures that the project stays on track and successfully achieves its objectives

Benefits to businesses

  • A carefully selected graduate (KTP Associate) works full-time in the company on the project.
  • Projects are flexible; anything between 1 and 3 year partnerships can be submitted.
  • Equipment required for the work is funded by the scheme.
  • An NVQ 4 in management is provided to the Associate at no cost to the company.
  • Additional training required by the Associate is supported.
  • Travel and subsistence for the project is funded by the scheme.
  • Companies receive the equivalent of ½ day a week of academic consultancy.
  • If approved the project will receive approximately 66% funding (larger companies attract 50%).

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