Undergraduate Conference Bursary

The KIITE Undergraduate Conference Bursary provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to apply for funding to present their research at national and international conferences, supporting the development of academic, employability, global, and intercultural skills. 

The Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE) encourages undergraduate students to present their research at external conferences by providing financial assistance to successful applicants who demonstrate outstanding potential for research.

Undergraduate students at Keele University can apply for funding through the KIITE Undergraduate Conference Bursary to present at a national or international conference, which will support their academic, professional, and personal development.

The application and guidance notes can be found below, along with links to reports of successful applicants and how the bursary has helped them.

Once you’ve read through the guidance notes and completed your application, you should send it to kiite@keele.ac.uk for consideration. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and may take up to three weeks to process. You will receive an email from KIITE confirming the outcome of your application once a decision has been reached.

KIITE Undergraduate Conference Bursary Application Form and Guidance Notes

5 reasons to apply for funding to present your research at a conference:

  1. You will develop grant writing skills, which will be invaluable for future academic studies and employability at and beyond university.
  2. You will have participated in a national or international academic conference during your time at Keele – a great addition to any CV!
  3. You will have showcased your research to a national or international audience, providing you the unique opportunity to discuss your research with experts in your field and learn about their cutting-edge research in return.
  4. You will be able to network with academics and researchers in your field, helping you to build global relationships and establish connections for future research opportunities.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity to publish your reflections on achieving funding and presenting at a conference on our webpage, providing you with another opportunity to develop your writing and communication skills, as well as to publish a reflection that will be searchable and citable – you’ll be a published author!

What can the bursary be used for?

If you are an undergraduate student at Keele, you can submit an application for a bursary to support your participation as a presenter at an external conference. We can provide financial support towards the following costs:

  • Conference registration fee
  • UK and international public travel costs (standard class)
  • UK private travel (please see the ‘Funding Requested’ table on page 3 for a breakdown of mileage rates)
  • Accommodation (standard room)
  • Visa costs (for international conferences)
  • Please read page 5 on the application form for more guidance on what the bursary can and cannot be used for.
  • It is important that you read the guidance notes in full before submitting your application to ensure it fulfils the criteria and thus maximise your chances of getting funding.


How much can I apply for?

The amount of funding you can apply for depends on the conference.

For UK-based conferences, you can apply for a maximum of £300 per application.

For international conferences, you can apply for a maximum of £600 per application.

We strongly encourage you to seek matched funds or contributions from other sources including your School, especially if the total cost of your activity exceeds the maximum amount of funding KIITE can provide.


How should I apply?

To apply, please download and complete the KIITE Undergraduate Conference Bursary Application Form and Guidance Notes and submit it as a Word document to kiite@keele.ac.uk.

We strongly encourage you to read the guidance notes on pages 5–7 of the application form and discuss your application with your referee to ensure it fulfils the criteria and maximise your chances of getting funded through the bursary.

For further information or support with any questions you have about the bursary and/or application, please contact kiite@keele.ac.uk.


What do I need to do after I have been awarded the bursary and presented at the conference?

If your application is successful, you are required to reflect on and share the impact of the conference activity on your research, academic, and/or professional development in the form of a short blog post (200 – 400 words) or video (up to 3 minutes).

We will provide you with questions to answer and guide you through the process of writing a blog post or creating a video, depending on which format you choose.

KIITE Undergraduate Bursary Reports

Balamrit Singh Sokhal (Medicine)