HOW 2 are Keele’s academic skills workshops, retreats and programmes open to all students. They follow your academic journey in each semester and, using your current modules and assignments, provide an opportunity to develop your approach to university learning in an informal group setting, exploring strategies with students in-situ from across Keele’s community.

We have limited spaces available on each session therefore booking is limited. Look out for our monthly newsletter and emails for registration links, and get in touch with any questions about HOW 2 by sending us an email at

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Preparing for Study

This initial block of workshops will introduce you to the HOW 2 workshops along with preparing you to begin or reboot your academic work as a student here at Keele University. Each session will provide you with supportive tools and guidance to make the most out of your time, lectures, practicals and more.

Preparing for Assignments

"What does 'discuss' mean?" "How about 'critically analyse'?" "How many references should I list?" "I keep being told my work is too descriptive!" Understanding academic analysis and evaluation will help you move confidently from deciding what a question or task is asking you to do to choosing what to read to research the question, as well as using what you have read in presenting your own understanding and ideas. Bring your current assignments, module handbooks, or reading lists to the following workshops to find the answers.

Producing Assignments

This block of workshops is designed to help you plan the structure of your assignments and paragraphs more effectively, while teaching you time-saving tricks to ensure you proofread more fully. Each workshop will need you to bring your own assessment briefs and drafts along with you so we can work on your assignments and get writing done as we go.