4. Presentation & Response

An important component to in any education programme is the sharing of knowledge and developing understanding with students. In this section there are some ideas how to approach these in an online environment that encourages more active engagement with the content being shared.

This section offers ways of using digital technologies to:

  • Present episodes of ‘lecture’ or ‘seminar’ content as online broadcast or narrated ‘content capture’
  • Encourage online commentary, response and critique in relation to content
  • Establish online fora for themed postings and discussions
  • Facilitate an inclusive online environment

Tips and tools for a flexible digital education:

  • You can allow staff and students to narrate lectures / shorter presentations using PowerPoint / Panopto and upload them to the KLE (using Panopto) or MS Teams. Uploading through Panopto can provide subtitles and transcripts. This captured content can then be used to form the start of an online discussion / live tutorial.
  • Use the multiple Channel functionality in MS Teams for synchronous or asynchronous group discussion and debate around different topics. Sharing of documents and live collaboration on documents are part of the functionality. 
  • Microsoft Teams Live Events can also be used for conducting live presentations from individual or multiple presenters, providing students with a space for asking questions / discussing the presentation. (link to training on using Teams Live Events)

10 Elements of Flexible Digital Education

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