2. Creating a Digital Community

A sense of community, presence and participation is crucial to all online learning environments.

In this section we explore the ways in which you might build, nurture and prompt a sense of online community, whether to serve the ‘seminar’ or ‘workshop’ communities you work with on a week-by-week basis, or support other forms of student-staff community such as Induction groups, personal tutee groups, research groups, project teams and peer-to-peer student support groups.

This section guides your use of digital technologies to:

  • Create an online space for student/staff welcome and introductions
  • Introduce yourself, and check-in, to your learning community through content capture
  • Set online ‘induction’ tasks that nurture community and belonging
  • Maintain an online ‘room’ for student discussion and mutual help

Tips and tools to create a digital community for a flexible digital education


  • You could embed a Padlet in your Module KLE that allows students to answer an introductory question or ‘challenge’, to post introductory profiles or summaries of their learning interests. You can also use Padlet to allow students to add links to online resources as the module develops. 
    • Overview of Padlet