Anatomy and Physiology: Developing and evaluating an asynchronous, digital, interprofessional anatomy and physiology resource

Project leaders: Julie Green with Dr Alison Pooler, Dr Simon Jacklin, Dr Sarah Aynsley, Dr Julie Beddows, Jonathan Berry, Heather Brown, Tracey Coppins, Julia Farrington, Rebecca Harrison, Dr Jane Jervis, Patricia Proctor, Carole Watkins, Dr Matthew Webb, Donna Holdcroft, Dr Carolyn Voisey, Professor Paul Horrocks, Dr Luke Welsh, Dr Srabasti Chakravorty, Kim Major and Dr Heidi Fuller

This proposal seeks to capitalise on the move to digital education during the Covid-19 pandemic. Acknowledging that some areas of our curricula are easier to drive independent learning in than others, we feel that anatomy and physiology (A&P) is an area where we can encourage students to engage and develop a baseline level of knowledge and understanding using a core interprofessional resource across a range of programmes.

This new digital resource, for the purposes of this application, will comprehensively cover one A&P system and will be the precursor to more advanced knowledge, specific to the student's health discipline, as they progress.