Keele University Values Recognition Scheme. A scheme to enhance the learning experience of nursing and midwifery students in work-based learning environments

Project leaders: Christine Armstrong, Clare Corness Parr, Kate Hackett, Zoe Grant, Caroline Llewellyn

‘Keele Values Recognition Scheme’ is a project that aligns with the Keele University mission statement and specifically focuses on the ‘5 P’s: ‘Partnerships, Purpose, People, Place and Performance’ (Keele University, 2019). The aim of the project is to engage and empower students to recognise and reward practice staff where educational excellence set against anyone of the 5 P’s is demonstrated in practice. The Keele values recognition scheme has clear links to the professional values of the NMC Code (NMC, 2018)

Professional standards of practice and behaviour for nurses, midwives and nursing associates. This provides a collaborative values framework to underpin the purpose of the project. It is distinctive as it focuses on the value that student nurses and midwives place more directly on their practice assessors and supervisors. Students, through the development of the project will be provided with the capacity to nominate clinical educators from work based placements for a ‘5 P’s’ award. The award will essentially be based on the students satisfaction that the performance criteria has been met and a good quality learning experience has taken place. Student satisfaction is considered an important factor in assessing the quality standard of the learning environment and it is a known driver for creating change and for optimising the placement learning environment (Papastavrou et al, 2016).

Performance criteria for nomination for each P, will be developed by students and will focus on practitioner performance in the clinical learning environment. Each student nomination will be screened by a committee panel comprising all stakeholders; all those nominated will be awarded a certificate and a Keele badge emblazoned with the relevant P design. One overall winner, will be selected from each Trust and private, voluntary and independent (PVI) placement area organisation, to be awarded an engraved glass trophy, along with their badge and certificate. The project fits with current theoretical thought around creative ways of engaging students with their teachers and learning community (Thomas, 2012).