Critical incidents in clinical practice: A three-staged model to support pre-registration students’ emotional and psychological health and wellbeing

Project leaders: Joanne Cookson, Jenny Cooper, Nageen Mustafa, Jan Summerfield (and Nursing Lecturer TBC)

Students undertaking health programmes within higher education institutions (HEIs) are routinely exposed to a range of challenging experiences across the duration of their programmes. Indeed, these students are exposed on a regular basis to the emotional reality of healthcare, which can be distressing as students witness complex critical incidents. Such incidents may generate a myriad of emotional triggers that they may not feel equipped to manage.
This proposal is for funding to develop the curriculum, initially, for pre registration midwifery students. A three staged approach to supporting students will be incorporated;
(i) firstly developing the necessary assertiveness skills required,
(ii) the development will then focus on supporting students' psychological well being by adopting defusing skills following a critical incident within practice.
(iii) Thirdly, it will encourage students to foster the necessary self care skills to improve their overall resilience when dealing with such issues.