Student Knowledge Exchange Re-Imagined – Removing the barriers, engaging communities

Information for policy makers

As two leaders in student-mediated Knowledge Exchange (KE) Keele University and the University of Birmingham are working together to innovate further in this space to remove barriers to engagement and engage communities that hitherto may not have connected.

Building on both institutions’ strong KE foundations, Keele and Birmingham will share, develop and expand successful, complementary approaches to student mediated KE activities. We will prioritise disadvantaged students, demonstrating what works, focusing on sustainability and delivering external benefits such as enhanced employability and solutions to business challenges and problems.

Whilst benefiting students and the North and West Midlands, we will focus on meeting regional needs in the North and West Midlands, address skills gaps and meeting export challenges. This will offer experiential learning business start-up opportunities for students to increase their employability, social capital and shape their future.

Alongside these opportunities for the North and West Midlands and students, the project will develop a tool to evaluate the holistic impact of KE activity on students, businesses and civic groups. With the support of Santander Universities, the tool will be piloted with universities and organisations where significant student KE is being delivered. The findings from the impact tool will be shared across the sector and beyond.

The project welcomes discussion and collaboration with international institutions, in order to share best practice in student knowledge exchange and develop global solutions to student employability challenges. If you are representing an international institution and would like to engage with the project, please contact Philippa.