Frequently Asked Questions

Student FAQs

You can apply for more than one Student Knowledge Exchange internship at a time, but you are only be eligible to be appointed for one Student Knowledge Exchange internship. You can, however, also engage with any of the Enterprise opportunities alongside the internship.

You can apply for a KRISP or Santander opportunity after you have finished your Student Knowledge Exchange Internship, should you be successful in being appointed for one, as the KRISP, Santander and Student Knowledge Exchange Internships are separate opportunities.

It is okay to apply for several roles and accept more than one interview (this includes opportunities from KRISP, Student Knowledge Exchange and Santander). If you are offered the position, you should promptly make your decision and politely decline any further interview offers that you may have previously applied for and not hold onto an offer in anticipation of a second interview/offer, as this can jeopardise another student's chance. Thank you for understanding.

Students will be expected to work the hours as agreed with the organisation. It is expected that these opportunities will be 55 hours in duration, split so that you would work approximately 6-8 hours a week, depending on the orgsanisation's need.

Hours should be arranged with the organisation you are undertaking the opportunity with.

Payment is made at the end of the internship. If you foresee/experience any financial difficulties we would encourage you to get in touch on an individual basis, so we can discuss this with you.

We welcome international students engaging in internships and being supported through the enterprise scheme. Your visa to study will likely not allow you to start your business whilst studying, however. If you have any concerns, please get in touch.

You can remotely work from the location of your choice, provided you are able to undertake the work required of you as agreed with the organisation.

Unfortuantely we are not able to cover childcare fees whilst you work.

Find resources on how to write a great CV and cover letter and have your CV checked using CV360 - this tool will provide instant feedback on your CV to improve it.

The Careers and Employability team also offer bookable appointments or you can email Careers. It can be helpful to share details of the role you are interested in.

Careers and Employability run workshops and events to help you hone your applications and find internships, placements and graduate jobs. Please look out for these on the events page.

If you can't find the help you need, please email, including the name of the employer and the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

Employer FAQs

If there is more work than could be completed by one student in 55 hours, we will consider requests on a case by case basis. Please contact Philippa to discuss in more detail.

If you need help with writing a job description for one of our opportunities, please email Please include the name of the scheme you are advertising in in the subject line if you know it.