My Experience at Keele

By International Visiting Scholar Messaouda Ladjini

It is a great pleasure for me to share my unforgettable experience. In January 2020, I had the opportunity to be at Keele University as an international visiting scholar; one of the most fantastic universities ever!

As a nature lover, the picturesque village impressed me. Its gorgeous green space and attractive location would give much comfort and internal peace to people there. I enjoyed every moment during my 2 months stay.

Keele may seem far to reach on foot. However, transportation is always available to take you from and to any destination you want. Even late at night, safety buses take students home after a long busy day at the library, which gives the impression that Keele is providing a motivating atmosphere for students. Furthermore, the library there is rich of sources and documentations and the staff are incredibly helpful, kind and full of commitment. There are many facilities inside the university, which makes life easier there (shops, students union services etc.).

Educationally speaking, I found that Keele is a good environment for students and researchers for boosting their motivation and helping them acquire more experience and knowledge. There are always conferences, workshops and so many other fruitful events especially at KIITE where my academic stay was based. I should not forget of course to mention the kindness of all the staff members who were really knowledgeable, welcoming and engaging. I had the honour to meet experts and tutors who benefitted me with their experience and knowledge in the area of my research. I had a pedagogical meeting with Dr Russell Crawford who helped me in the methodology part. Another meeting was with Robert Stannard who provided me with great ideas and documents. More fruitful meetings were with Russell Clark whom I would like to thank deeply for his time, efforts, guidance. His insightful comments were of great interest to me.

I was lucky to attend an event around the theme: ‘Sustaining a Healthy Curriculum.’ It took place on 29th, January; 2020. There was a cross-disciplinary lineup of speakers from across the university who shared their ideas, insights and case studies. Attending the conference was a unique experience for me because I had the chance to share and hear about other researchers’ work. The organizers and the audience were amazing; I learnt a lot from joining presenters’ sessions.

In more focused words, I very much enjoyed such a great opportunity for me as a teacher and a PhD student to meet professionals and build networks within the area of my research. It was indeed a privilege to be there and I do dream to be there once again!