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KIITE Student Education Conference 2020

Sustaining a ‘Healthy’ Curriculum

What does it mean to build and sustain a ‘healthy’ curriculum?

Embedded elements of health and wellbeing are crucial if a curriculum is to be sustainable and successful. But a ‘healthy’ curriculum also needs the right diet of academic provision, research-led teaching and, to do justice to Keele’s founding values, interdisciplinary ‘fibre’ too. To be ‘healthy’ in the broadest sense, as discussed at last year’s conference, a curriculum needs to be varied, stimulating and social in its character. However it must also be manageable for staff to deliver and accessible and clear for students to fulfil.

Increasingly, the ‘health’ of a HE curriculum is being judged on the framework of support, inclusivity and accessibility that shapes it: we need to take stock of how well we respond to those challenges. We must also pay laser-sharp attention to the physical and digital spaces that frame and equip the co-curriculum: these mould the way we behave, collaborate and think. This year, then, we are looking to explore, share best practice and debate what Keele does - and could do - to make its curriculum ‘healthy’ in the broadest sense.

Subthemes for the 2020 Student Education Conference include (but are not limited to):

  • Embedding wellbeing in the curriculum
  • Inclusivity and diversity in the curriculum
  • Portfolio Health: designing the right ‘diet’ of modules & programmes
  • Education for Sustainability
  • Digital wellbeing and online communities
  • Learning spaces, campus space
  • Embedding confidence and resilience
  • Lean assessment & feedback
  • Encouraging ‘healthy debate’
  • Recruitment, retention (and financial health)
  • Future-proofing the curriculum: graduate wellbeing
  • Making learning & teaching manageable: student & staff wellbeing
  • Student Support and the Curriculum
  • Social & Project-based learning
  • Using data to measure the ‘health’ of a curriculum
  • Evaluating a healthy curriculum: the scholarship of learning and wellbeing
  • Supporting International student experiences
  • Taboo, Controversy, Risk: What shouldn’t be included in a ‘healthy’ curriculum?
  • Creativity and Wellbeing

Registration for the conference is open until 20th January 2020.

To register, visit the Conference Web Pages

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