Employability & Civic Engagement

Employability and civic engagement are not bolted on to the curriculum, but integrated so that all students learn, produce and collaborate in ways that anticipate future workplace cultures and societal challenges. We will deploy employerengaged programme design to offer students diverse experiential and work-based learning, from degree apprenticeships and placements to innovative forms of civic internship, public-facing projects and student-led consultancy.

Case studies: employability & civic engagement

These case studies from Keele demonstrate good practice in embedding employability and civic engagement in the curriculum

Stoke Stories: Embedding transformative social learning and community engagement

Collected Stories: The Development of a Story Book Resource

Industrial Chemistry

Collaborative design, delivery and evaluation of an authentic assessment: optimising professional skill development and employability.

Self-organised community pharmacy placements

Development of Shell Modules for Placement Learning

The Impact of Patient Identity on Healthcare Delivery

Authentic Assessment in Foundation Year Computer Science

Resources: employability & civic engagement

Reflective Prompts

Consider the following questions to identify possible starting points for further development of employability and civic engagement in your programme or module:

  1. Using the CareerEDGE Model as a prompt, what approaches are you using to support students as they develop their career management and employability skills, how might you extend these approaches ?
  2. What opportunities are there for students to engage with experiential learning? This could include live projects, work experience, internships, employer input into the curriculum, employer, alumni visits and experience days?
  3. In what ways are students given opportunities to develop their interests and skills relating to entrepreneurship?
  4. To what extent so you collect and use feedback and evaluation to inform the approach you take ?
  5. To what extent are employers and civic partners involved in the design, development, delivery or assessment of the curriculum?

Career EDGE