Say it as it is! Julie Green


An assertive person exhibits a range of interpersonal behaviours that, whilst recognising and respecting the rights and feelings of others, also demonstrate the ability to stand up for their own or other people’s rights, in a calm and positive way. Assertive individuals are able to get their point across without upsetting others or becoming aggressive (Begley & Glacken, 2004; Slater, 1990; Warland et al, 2014).
The aims of this session are:

  • to explore what assertiveness is,
  • how to develop personal assertiveness and to explore a simple method of scoring assertiveness
  • to provide a brief overview of a national research project on developing assertiveness within qualified nurses.

A one year, mixed-methods study was undertaken of 12 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) who deliver a specific post registration programme for qualified nurses. Quantitative data collection captured assertiveness scoring for 127 students over a 12 month period of study whilst also providing deeper, a qualitative insight of interview transcripts for a subsample of participants.

This presentation will detail the research project but also aim to inspire colleagues to consider and explore their own assertiveness and the impact that this can have on their professional practice.