Active blended learning in the veterinary curriculum: Can we train a generation of veterinary graduates to embrace life-long learning from Day 1

Dave Mazzocchi-Jones


Contemporary education programmes a university need to consider a range of individual learning styles and modes of learning to build confident graduates ready for continual professional and personal development. The Harper & Keele veterinary programme provides a unique opportunity to develop a unique curriculum built on innovative modern pedagogical theories to train a new generation of graduates ready for the life-long learning required of the profession.

Our curriculum is built on active blended learning (ABL) a pedagogical strategy where a range of face-to-face learning strategies are balanced alongside an educator supported digital learning community, where learners are empowered and supported to take ownership of their own learning. Our programme is built on the concept of two physical learning cohorts, with regular mixed cohort interaction, alongside a whole cohort and educator digital community. This presentation will explore how we have embedded ABL strategies throughout our curriculum, utilising both physical and digital learning activities to empower students and equip them for life-long learning from day 1 on the programme.

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