JADE Student Learning Undergraduate Conference

The JADE Student Learning Undergraduate Conference (JSLUG), jointly arranged by the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) and the Keele Institute for Innovation and Teaching Excellence (KIITE), is an annual event designed for undergraduate students to showcase their research.

Now in its fifth year, JSLUG's mission is to provide a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to gain first-hand experience of presenting at an academic conference. Students can submit abstracts for a 20-minute oral presentation, a 5-minute lightning talk or a poster presentation. 

A virtual JSLUG 2020

This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JSLUG couldn't take place in its usual format. However, we still wanted to celebrate the hard work put in by our students and staff, and so we've brought some of the conference online, as a lasting legacy and celebration of the work of our talented Keele students. 

On these pages you'll find abstracts, narrated presentations (video format) and posters from some of our JSLUG 2020 cohort. 

Some of our presenters who were accepted for JSLUG 2020 will be presenting at JSLUG 2021 instead - we hope to see you there next year! 

Verbal Presentations and Lightning Talks

Neurodiverse Rebellion in Young Adult Fiction: Something Beneath The Surface?

Pluralising International Relations with the Global IR Agenda

Subjecting our Understanding of Truth to History

The housing response to new refugee flows in the Netherlands

Poster Presentations

Emergence of highly antibiotic resistant ‘Superbugs’ and the implications of antibiotic resistance

Contagious Laughter in a Virtual Reality context

The Chemiluminescent imaging of blood on washed cotton and polyester fabrics

The effect of sensory stimulation combined with mirror box therapy on fine dexterity of the hand: Mobilisation and Tactile Stimulation (MTS)

Using CRISPR/CAS9 to investigate the relationship between genes and human disease.

Trolling and Endorsement of Lying in relation to the Dark Triad on Dating Sites

JSLUG 2020 Presentations Playlist