The JADE Student Learning Undergraduate Conference (JSLUG), now the Keele Conference of Undergraduate Research (KCUR) provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to gain first-hand experience of presenting at an academic conference. 

Why is JSLUG now the Keele Conference of Undergraduate Research (KCUR)? Keele's undergraduate conference has had a name change designed to increase the value of your scholarship beyond the event itself.

  • Global graduates: Participating in the conference offers an opportunity to hone transferable skills and develop a public output of your work. We encourage you to share your experience with prospective employers. The new conference name will be more readily accessible and better understood by employers across the world.
  • Keele today, the world tomorrow: We want to create a clear through-line to other undergraduate research initiatives, such as Posters in Parliament, the British Conference of Undergraduate Research and the World Congress of Undergraduate Research. We have supported students to apply and participate in these national and international events in the past, and we want to support more students in future. The new conference name situates itself better in this family of events and declares our aspirations for your continued success.

Further information on upcoming events can be viewed on the Keele Conference of Undergradute Research (KCUR) webpages