Learning Innovation Showcase: Hardware and software to support reading productivity and start conversations about reading

Dominik Lukes | University of Oxford

Critical reading is only possible if students are reading. Yet, many barriers are put in their way. The format of the materials, the language, the genre, the vocabulary, and reading strategies gleaned from reading fiction and journalistic output. Technology is never the solution, but it can serve to remove many of these barriers. When used creatively, it can even be used to start conversations about reading critically.

This workshop will introduce participants to a variety of reading technologies (software and hardware) and accompanying reading strategy guidance that comprise the Learning Innovation Showcase at the Saïd Business School Sainsbury Library.

Participants will have a chance to get hands on experience with some of the technologies and should expect to learn things that may improve their own digital reading practices. The discussion here will focus on the interaction between the affordances of digital reading materials and their interaction with students’ existing reading strategies. The focus on affordances will allow for an exploration into the differences between reading in the sciences and the humanities. This will be illustrated by examples of how digital reading can both promote and impede strategic, non-linear reading in the sciences as opposed to the more text-focused intensive reading characteristic of the humanities.