The KIITE Community

KIITE acts as a vibrant community of student education innovators. It draws together our expert educational teams and consultants: the Curriculum Design and Development team, our Digital Education team, our Global Opportunities team and three teams of Employability experts (encompassing Careers & Employability, Experiential Learning, Employer Liaison).

Affiliated to this core, we draw together our National Teaching Fellows, Education Award holders and Senior and Principal Fellows of AdvanceHE, and work closely with our learning and teaching directors and associate deans of education.

This community of expertise will be put to work designing new curricula for our students, supporting student development, shaping researcher development and designing a co-curriculum that links students to civic society and the workplace. It aims to work across all learning communities and learning spaces at Keele University, shaping our educational delivery and evaluation.

We will be building and adding to the website in the coming months; if there are particular resources or information that you would like to see here, please let us know.

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