My experience as a KIITE visiting scholar

The staff in KIITE provided me with a lot of help, opportunities and resources. I was able to observe classes, participate in professional development workshops, and have detailed conversations with the staff, which was all very inspiring and gave me new insights and ideas for my own practice. The teaching methods of the instructors and the performance of students in the classroom helped me reflect on my teaching practice. I also enjoyed the cultural experiences, such as visiting the local church, feeling the Christmas atmosphere at the Christmas market, and tasting new foods. With the support of KIITE staff, I submitted an abstract for and participated in the KIITE 2020 Student Education Conference. This was my first time speaking in front of an English-speaking audience. Although I was very nervous, it was a rare and precious experience, and I now feel more confident in conducting educational research.

Keele University has a beautiful campus with all the amenities. The library has a rich collection of books, and the study rooms are spacious and comfortable. After studying, I would go for a stroll with friends around the beautiful campus, immerse myself in the scent of flowers, and enjoy the change of scenery over the four seasons: splendid cherry blossom in spring, warm sun in summer, red leaves in autumn, snow in winter. Large green areas and clear lakes can be enjoyed all year round. I particularly enjoyed seeing the squirrels and taking a walk in the forest. I lived in a small town not far from the campus. The town has a long history, is picturesque and has everything I needed. I found the locals very friendly and welcoming. The visit not only supported my professional development but was also a rich and unforgettable personal experience.

Liu Xia, 2020