The influence of crustal assimilation on magma generation and eruptive behaviour: an oxygen isotope study of the Aeolian arc, Italy

Natural Environment Research Council IP-1907-0619

PI: Ralf Gertisser; Co-I: Ralf Halama; Research student: Rebecca Wiltshire

Aeolian arc view 960px The project investigates the role of crustal assimilation and its influence on eruptive behaviour at the most recent and active intermediate to felsic (rhyolitic) volcanic centres in the Aeolian Islands. Key eruptions are selected that will allow us to decipher the effects and sources of crustal assimilation at different crustal depths, the stages during magma differentiation at which crustal assimilation occurs, and the influence of assimilation of different crustal lithologies on eruptive behaviour. The project is part of a Keele University-funded PhD project of Rebecca Wiltshire, which aims to understand the driving forces behind effusive and explosive eruptions, and transitions in eruptive style during multi-phase eruptions in the Aeolian arc, using fieldwork, petrology, geochemistry and rock textural analysis. Collaborators include Adrian Boyce, Federico Lucchi, Chiara Petrone, Claudio Tranne, Roberto Sulpizio and Sabrina Nazzareni.