Each year the university warmly welcomes a large number of new and returning students to the North Staffordshire area. Some first years and most continuing Keele  students move into the local community and live in residential areas.

We work closely with our students, emphasising  that when living in the local community that of utmost importance is mutual respect and common courtesy.

Students are reminded that they live alongside members of the local community that include families with young children, the elderly, and people who work and study at all times of the day and night and to take this into consideration at all times.

Keele  is committed to working closely with the local community to ensure that, in collaboration, we develop a safe and tolerant community that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Community partnerships

The University and Students’ Union are working in partnership with a range of community organisations, the police and community groups to gain a better understanding of the community issues and how we can collectively seek to resolve the issues that are impacting on the lives of local residents.

At Keele  we aim to create a safe and vibrant community, maintain positive relationships with the wider community in North Staffordshire. When everyone plays a positive part in their communities, we all benefit, and we hope that you will recognise this and enjoy being a positive contributor.

If you're a student in the local area, click the button below for some suggestions of how you can make the most of being part of the local community.