Our Team

For general enquiries please contact ctu.operations@keele.ac.uk or 01782 732950

Leadership Group


Quality Assurance

  • Steve Alcock (Research Support Coordinator)
  • Ruth Beardmore (CTU QA Manager - maternity leave)
  • Jacqueline Gray (CTU Governance & QA Officer)
  • Tracy Nevatte (Sponsor QA Manager)
  • Emma Skinner (Sponsor QA Manager)

Health Informatics

  • Simon Wathall (Health Informatics Specialist)

Developers / IT

  • Stephen Harper (Database & Software Systems Development Officer)
  • Zoe Mayson (Database and IT Systems Developer)
  • Ashley Ford (IT Network and Systems Administrator)
  • Paul Machin (IT Support Technician )

Data Management

  • Jo Smith (Database Interface Manager)
  • Tracy Whitehurst (Data Systems Manager)

Project Management

Senior Trial Managers
Trial Managers
  • Kendra Cooke
  • Nancy Fernandes da Silva
  • Nicola Halliday (maternity leave)
  • Liz Hartshorne
  • Gemma Hughes (maternity leave)
  • Helen Myers
  • Stephanie Tooth
Study Coordinators
  • Stephanie Butler-Walley (maternity leave)
  • Andrea Cherrington
  • Stefannie Garvin
  • Dave Goddin
  • Emily Hughes
  • Michelle Robinson

Project / Data Administrators

  • Alicia Bratt (Research Project Administrator)
  • Claire Calverley (Research Projects Administrator)
  • Clare Gething (Research Projects Administrative Assistant)
  • Victoria Harper (Research Project Support Administrator)
  • Jane Mason (Research Projects Support Administrator)
  • Charlotte Purcell (CTU Projects Administration Officer)
  • Jade Di Silvestro (Research Project Administrator Assistant)