The Big Business Idea

Do you teach year 11-13 students who have a brain for business?

Having an idea is one thing, bringing that idea to life as a model for a successful business is another. So, how do business leaders translate ideas into successful enterprises?
The Keele Big Business Idea, led by academics from Keele University, will introduce key business principles and entrepreneurship to students in Years 11-13.

What happens on the day?

1. Students will receive 3 academic taster sessions to show them the fundamental principles of business.

2. Students will then be given time to develop their business idea and present this to their peers at the end of the day.

What's the learning outcome? 

Students should grasp the core principles of setting up and running a successful business, from idea to implentation and be able to articulate those principles to their colleagues and peers. 


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 Examples of previous taster sessions 

Customers and Delivery (Marketing, Production and Supply)

Who are my customers and what would make them value products or services enough to buy them? What marketing do we need to undertake to promote our business and communicate with customers? And can we produce and deliver the goods or service to satisfy the customer (i.e. production, supply and distribution)? 

Cash is King (Accounting and Finance)

It's all about the money. If you cannot manage your money, the company will not survive! We will explore resources needed to support a business, recognising that cash is critical but alone it does not guarantee success. You will be encouraged to 'realistically' forecast your revenue and 'definitely' manage your costs.

Building a Winning Team (Human Resource Management)

To turn your ideas into a successful and thriving business, you'll need to put together a winning team. To do this, you'll need to think about the different tasks that need to be done to help the business grow and what skills your team will need to be better than your competitors.