Natasha Siguake, Katharine House Hospice

How did Keele Business School support you in securing your placement?

The placement bulletin emails helped a lot. They gave me a good starting point and played a huge role in helping to secure my placement. The placement I secured was a role that was exclusive to Keele Business School students, arranged and brokered between the school and my employer directly.

What did you learn/gain during your placement?

I developed my written and verbal communication skills as I had to confidently interact with individuals throughout the placement. I also improved my presentation skills as I was required to do presentations during the placement. I have learnt that I adapt quite easily to new situations when I need to. Initially I was nervous about the prospect of having to move through different departments. But I managed to adapt and adjust quite quickly during the last months of my placement.

Would you recommend a placement to your friends?

I would. It gives you a good insight of what working life will be like. You also get the opportunity to try out a career for a short term basis and see if it is something you would want to pursue in the future. I now feel like I can rule out some career paths because I have a better idea of what I like and dislike as a direct result of my placement year.