I have a PhD in Financial Management (Manchester Metropolitan University supervised by Professor Anthony Berry), an MSc in Accounting and Finance (UMIST/Manchester University) and I am a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) passed finalist.  I also have a degree in philosophy (Manchester University) and a degree in music (University of Liverpool).  Prior to my current post as Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Keele University, I was a lecturer in Accounting at University of Sheffield (2014-2017).  I also worked at Keele University (2006-2014) as a lecturer in Accounting.

I'm on the Editorial Board of 'Critical Perspectives on Accounting'.

Research and scholarship

For a number of years I have researched and published in the application of philosophical and social theory to enhance understanding of accounting and marketing in the broader context and to consider ways in which they can facilitate improvements to society.  This is linked to my current research which;

  • Explores democratic processes in organisations and ways in which they can be strengthened (or hindered) through accounting, and 
  • is concerned with developing alternative, emancipatory forms of accounting. 

My research has attracted funding from several sources.  I was Principal Investigator for a research project entitled ‘The roles of accounting and marketing communication in arts organisations’ (British Academy small grant: 2012-2014) which led to several related publications and I have been awarded research funding from University of Sheffield.

My main area of research supervision is qualitative accounting research in arts organisations and other public services.  I am also interested in supervising interdisciplinary projects relating to emancipatory accounting, critical accounting, corporate social responsibility, accounting ethics and social and environmental reporting that incorporate theory from accounting and philosophy/music/literature.


I am committed to integrating my research into my teaching to enhance the student learning experience.  I have developed a module entitled ‘Contemporary Issues in Accounting’ at masters level that draws on philosophical, political and social theory and empirical research (including my own research) to develop students’ awareness and understanding of important developments in accounting and accounting research and their implications for organisations and society. 

I also teach management accounting and taxation at undergraduate levels where I aim to develop students’ ability to apply technical aspects of accounting to the workplace.  In these modules I also aim to engender a critical understanding of the wide ranging roles of accounting in a variety of organisational settings, including its ethical implications.  This helps students to understand the broader context of accounting and to develop a thirst for knowledge supported by analytical skills that will assist them throughout their lives.  Throughout my teaching I hope to convey the challenge and excitement of applying theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios through introducing students to a sample of the latest international leading research in the field, my own research and case studies.